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11 - 03 - 2016

New Religion. 2016

Kasper Sonne

Sonne illustrates contradictions that exists in the opinions of which we continually live and accept. We treat this as if it was natural. As an observer of social and physical patterns, Sonne has used this information to express and highlight these contradictions in his work to challenge the audience on both an intellectual and physical level.

New Religion an installation consisting of video, painting and sculptural art which is purposed to disrupt and challenge our rational perception of the world.

Untitled (Curtain) is a piece that has a long unbroken row of iron chains that are suspended like a curtain from floor to ceiling. This is positioned as a barrier where the audience is forced to go through in order to experience the rest of the exhibition. 

New Religion. 2016

New Territory. 2014

Black Box. 2015

These Ruins. 2015

Pure Colors. 2010

Untitled Sign No. 3. 2010

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