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Bunny Rogers is one of our favourite contemporary artists, and she presents a new exhibit titled 'Brig Und Ladder.'  Her most significant platform and exposure to date, Rogers is showing at the Whitney Museum of American Art from July 7th-October 9th.  At only 27, Rogers is already a celebrated artist within the international art scene.  A product of the digital age (she describes her first artistic experience was when she discovered the customizable universe of, Roger's work meshes the physical with the virtual, and observable reality with fictive constructed environments.  Her work occupies a liminal space between history and fantasy, between old and new technologies.  Drawing from a combination her childhood and formative popular culture iconography of the late 20th and early 21st century, Rogers explores the universality in experiences of loss, alienation, and collective identity. 

"Rogers’ references span from Clone High and Neopets"

Rogers’ references span from Clone High and Neopets to more serious familiar media spectacles of violence and our relationships to them; she is precocious in her ability detect and communicate the general within the particular. 


Roger's techniques just as idiosyncratic as her references; she borrows elements from design, industrial furniture manufacturing and theater costuming, often producing work by hand.  Rogers uses layered and complex installations, video, and sculpture in her exhibit, and her spaces and objects feel at once constructed as they do natural, simultaneously hyper-real and simulacrum.  Such a unique texture to her work is a deft portrayal of a life lived and experienced through the prism of 'a child of the internet.'  

text: Aaron Gray

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