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02 -15 - 2017 - NEW ARRIVALS

Our Spring deliveries are slowly starting to arrive at 017, and this week we received our first shipments of Harmony and Siki Im. This season, Harmony introduces their first ever denim line. As with their past seasons and per their brand values, and the denim is sourced from within the EU and the garments are made in Italy. Carefully treated, rigorously cut, meticulously finished before it reaches the consumer, Harmony's garments offer a straightforward and casual elegance for a contemporary wardrobe. The timeless aesthetic of European ease that Harmony reimagines through a modern perspective makes it endlessly relatable as they project a new vision onto familiar and relatable pieces.


Siki Im is a designer mainly concerned with what informs innovative design, instead of the cyclical nature of fashion. This season he continues to re-invent what a basic garment can be, invoking his signature graphic focus as well as elongated silhouettes. Many of Siki Im's philosophies for his brand predicated on his architectural background, where the unseen metaphysical, psychological, and political inspirations are just as important in assessing the gravity of the final result as is the physical product itself.

Harmony Paris - Sawyer Distressed Hoodie

Harmony Paris - Magnus Coat

SIKI IM / DEN IM - Side-Zip Crewneck

SIKI IM / DEN IM - Zipper Jog Shorts

SIKI IM / DEN IM - Zipper Hoodie in White or Black

SIKI IM / DEN IM - Cargo Drop Jog

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