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07 - 06 - 2016


Getting back from Paris, we recently got a chance to put together the photos from our trip and show you guys what we have coming in store. If you haven't checked out our Fall/Winter buy, you can view it here.


 We met with some familiar faces and got a chance to meet a lot of great new people. For Spring/Summer 2017 we’re going to be adding a few more labels and continue growing our current ones. We can’t wait for you guys to see the products in store and online. During this trip we got a chance to visit some of our favourite shops to do some shopping as well as enjoy the Paris night life. The food was better this time than last. 

If you followed our Snapchat, you would've got a chance to see some exclusive moments during our trip. Our Snapchat account name is Shop017. For those that didn't, the photos here give you a little bit of a preview of our trip.

At the Etudes Studio Showroom - the inspiration for the spring collection draws from the theme of "Exploration" utilizing an Earth tone color palette

David Obadia from Harmony continues to suprise us with how amazing and consistent the collections are from season to season. This sweater references the FILA pullovers in the 90s.

The view from the Eiffel Tower. We had to do it at least once.

The Off-White after-party

Silencio - Cyber69 was DJing for the evening. Good vibes for sure.

A new brand we're the most excited about at the moment. Stay tuned.

Rick Owens at the Rick Owens Paris store.

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