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In an age where online presences often determine the first impressions of people we have yet to meet, Vancouver-born Actress and Singer-Songwriter Hayleau Law defies the internet celebrity stereotype. After a successful EP release and role on Netflix’s Riverdale, Hayleau saw her Instagram following grow from 2000 to 200,000 followers within 3 months. Her life has gone from waiting tables to wearing disguises to avoid being recognized on the street, and yet Hayleau’s demeanor outside of the internet's perspective remains quiet and humble.


/017 met up with the girl-next-door creative for an editorial and a brief conversation on the life and times of an overnight sensation.

Hey Hayley how’s it going? What projects are you working on at the moment?


I’m good. I’m working on a new music project to release for summertime. I’m also finishing up a Netflix series called Altered Carbon.

You've amassed quite a following on Instagram and social media in general - was it unexpected/weird in how you coped with this surge in popularity?


Yea it was unexpected, I don’t think anyone expects a following that fast but I really appreciate the support.

Do you have a favorite piece of clothing in your wardrobe?


My vintage 1994 Krusty the Clown t-shirt. I'm obsessed with the Simpsons.

With how prevalent social media is these days, do you ever feel uncomfortable at how much of life is documented and shared with the world?


It is what it is. If it was my world it wouldn’t be that way, but unfortunately in these times a lot of people of forgotten the value of privacy.



What is the oddest DM you've ever received?


I would say a dick pic but they aren’t even that weird anymore. People get them all the time, but nobodies stoked to get a dick pic. PSA stop sending dick pics!


What fulfills you in life in 2017?


Achieving goals that I never thought I could accomplish before, knowing that I can crush anything I set my mind to, and spreading this energy I have to other people in hopes that they pass it on too.


What is the best professional advice you've ever received, and who gave it to you?


Martha Higareda, she's the lead on Altered Carbon - I look up to her alot. She's what I aspire to be as a human being and actress. Martha is one of the kindest and most professional people that i’ve met in the industry - She’s the first person I’ve met in the business that truly makes me want to become a better actress and better woman.


She told me that when I’m being creative, the last thing i should be thinking about is the perceptions of others. If I’m doing a scene where I cry, go all the way and really cry. Ugly cry.


Don’t try to make it pretty, don’t worry about what it looks like. Find the real emotion and express the real feelings that you want to express. Do it for yourself and yourself only.

"She told me that when I’m being creative, the last thing i should be thinking about is the perceptions of others."

Where are your favorite places to go in Vancouver? Food, nightlife, nature, wherever.


My bathtub, with a bath bomb and a popsicle. Haha but if I have to leave the house Sal y Limon for tacos or my friend Emma’s dock in the ‘burbs. Kayaking, paddle boarding, being on the water where its private and quiet.

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Photography: Nico DT

Styling + Art Direction: Jenny Choi

Stylist Assistant: Clara Joy

Interview: Aaron Gray

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